Max Keene Max Goes To The Arctic                                                                    

              Total raised: £11,064.75


About Me and...... Why do it?


Hi, my name is Max Keene,

I am 13 years old. I enjoy playing Rugby, Football and Tennis but my favourite sports are Skiing and Shooting.

I made this website myself and have found it really interesting to learn about the process.

Soon I will be attempting an Arctic Expedition to raise money for Help For Heroes. This is why I chose Help For Heroes:

I recently saw many injured servicemen and women competing at the Paralympic Games, I watched the inspirational TV programme 'Harry's Arctic Heroes', in which Prince Harry and a group of injured soldiers trek to the North Pole.

I think that the Injured Servicemen and women of our armed forces are an inspiration, they risk their lives to keep our country and other nations around the world safe and free, and when they get a limb blown off in battle they deserve the best support they can get....

....Please Help Them.


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