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Training Blog

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10/03/13 - 12:19

Me and my Dad leaving for training this morning. We covered about 5-6 miles.

09/03/13 - 18:56

Here is a picture of some of the kit that Baffin Footwear and Apparel have generously sent to us!


21/02/13 - 20:31

Last week we had several theory lessons with our expedition leader, these included: Polar Bear safety, Tent drills, Stove Drills and Firearms safety!

24/01/13 - 19:26

Today we had our first Theory Lesson! We learnt about Cold Awareness and Management. A couple of main areas we covered were: NFCI's (Non Freezing Cold Injury), Frostnip, the more severe Frostbite (and it's 4 stages) Hypothermia as well as other cold dangers, how to deal with these issues and more about how the body works and reacts to the extremely cold conditions! It was very interesting, but made me feel a bit nervous... Max Keene

21/10/12 - 20:08

Today we completed a training exercise that included dragging our tyres over 6 miles on rough muddy tracks! It was really difficult as we ended up not only pulling our tyres but pulling mud, leaves, stones etc.               Max Keene

05/10/12 - 16:42

Training has begun! We are pulling truck tyres over set distances. We are also going to have theory lessons.                                                     Max Keene